Physician Verification

Emanuel Medical Center is pleased to provide you with a fast and accurate on-line verification service. You can obtain an instant verification of Medical Staff Affiliation for any of our practitioners via the internet at:

This link will only work if you type it in the web address bar. Clicking the link or using the copy/paste feature will not produce a letter.

The website represents current practitioner status information and is maintained by Emanuel Medical Center’s Medical Staff Office.  All information contained in the database is secure and cannot be altered by outside parties, therefore meeting Joint Commission and NCQA standards.

When requesting information, you will be asked to enter your name and contact information as well as the Last Name and Birth Date of the provider. A list of providers matching the inserted criteria, including the provider’s specialty, will then be displayed. If there is more than one provider who matches these criteria, simply select the provider who has the matching specialty you are looking for.

In response to this request for providers in ‘good standing’, a file quality letter will be displayed with the Name, Appointment Date, Reappointment/Termination Date, Department, Specialty, Record and Staff Status.

This Internet service should be used for all Medical Staff Affiliation verification requests. Our Medical Staff Office will direct all written or telephonic verification requests to the on-line service. Thank you in advance for using this on-line service.

Disclaimer and Confidentiality Notice

Due to the high volume of requests for information, this service is provided only as a convenience to expedite the credentialing process. By accessing this site, you acknowledge the information provided by this service is confidential and that you have proper release from the physician to obtain such information. 

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