COVID-19 Patient Released from Emanuel after 39 Days

Jan 15, 2021

Rosalba Castillo Preciado, 55, of Patterson, was released from Emanuel Medical Center on Jan. 15, 2021, after spending 39 days in the hospital battling and surviving COVID-19.

During her time at Emanuel, caregivers made sure to keep her company on Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day. She is being called the hospital’s “January Miracle.”

"It feels really good to see. She was really sick and got better. Rosalba is very special to us because she was with us for so many days. When we came to work, we would check to see how she was doing. It was such a good feeling when I came to work and she was gone because I knew she had gone home to her family.” - Maria Naranjo, Patient Unit Tech

"I took care of her when she was at her sickest. It was great to be able to discharge her home because she fought hard to get better.” - Stephanie Grizzell, RN

"She really is a miracle. Rosalba gives us strength to continue to give care to patients. It is really hard to see so many people sick. Seeing her get better and go home helps us to keep going.” - Rita Chikrallah, RN

Emanuel team members lined the hallways to cheer and clap for Rosalba as she was released to her family.

Read about Rosalba in the Patterson Irrigator.

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