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Stanford Radiation Oncology

Advanced Radiation Oncology Therapy

Stanford Radiation Oncology Turlock CAUsing advanced equipment, the Stanford Emanuel Radiation Oncology Center provides some of the most advanced radiation therapy available anywhere.

The Center is a joint venture between Stanford Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and the Emanuel Cancer Center and is staffed by Stanford physicians and physicists. This partnership provides world-class Stanford care right here in the Central Valley.

Linear Accelerators

The technological heart of the Stanford Emanuel Radiation Oncology Center is the two linear accelerators which have the ability to precisely target tumors using advanced imaging technology, and then deliver carefully calibrated doses of radiation to those tumors. Some of these advanced technologies include:

  • Machines can deliver radiation in coordination with the patient's breathing using a technology called respiratory gating.
  • Stereotactic ablative radiosurgery eradicates cancer cells anywhere in the body with extraordinary precision in 1-5 treatments.
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy in conjunction with RapidArc™, which delivers conformal therapy to a target while trying to avoid normal tissues-technology that focuses therapeutic radiation exactly where the patient needs it.

SEROC Linear AcceleratorEmanuel Cancer Center offers breast cancer patients a new, more convenient alternative to conventional radiation therapy with Partial Breast Irradiation.

Women with early-stage breast cancer, who are considered appropriate candidates, receive their entire radiation treatment in a five-day period instead of the six to seven weeks required by conventional radiation therapy.

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