Bone Health

Determine your risk of osteoporosis

Emanuel Medical Center offers diagnostics for bone diseases and disorders.

It’s important to diagnose osteoporosis early and begin treatment quickly. Emanuel offers tests and procedure to help diagnose it and other bone diseases. A simple procedure called a bone density test is the first step in identifying the degenerative disease.

Are you at risk for osteoporosis?

You may be at risk for osteoporosis if you are:

  • Early menopausal or post-menopausal
  • A Caucasian or Asian woman
  • Petite or thin-framed
  • From a family with a history of osteoporosis
  • A heavy smoker and/or drinker
  • Eating a diet low in calcium
  • Prone to bone breaks

If any of these relate to you, it could be time to schedule a bone density test.

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