Governing Board

Carol Ahlem
  • Chair
Photo of Carol Ahlem
Tim Lohman
  • Vice Chair
Photo of Tim Lohman
Reza Vafadouste, M.D.
  • Chief of Staff
Photo of Reza Vafadouste, M.D.
Christine Battaglia, D.O.
  • Vice Chief of Staff
Photo of Christine Battaglia, D.O.
Bob Stammerjohan
  • Secretary
Photo of Bob Stammerjohan
Richard Gemperle
  • Member
Photo of Richard Gemperle
Kelly Lawler
  • Member
Photo of Kelly Lawler
John Lazar
  • Member
Photo of John Lazar
Filipe Lima
  • Member
Photo of Filipe Lima
Tom Sperry
  • Member
Photo of Tom Sperry