The audiology program at Emanuel Multi-Specialty Care Clinic provides testing and evaluation for children (ages 1 year and up), adults, and seniors.

Services Provided

Diagnostic Testing

  • Preliminary, thorough testing before getting hearing aids (hearing aids or instruments are not provided)

Otoscopy Exam

  • Examines the ear canal and ear drum

Acoustic Immittance Testing, Screening and Diagnostic

  • Tympanometry (middle ear pressure test)
  • Wide band tympanometry
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction testing
  • Patulous eustachian tube dysfunction testing
  • Acoustic reflexes (pediatric and adult)

DPOAEs (Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions) Screening and Diagnostic

  • Examines the outer hair cell integrity and cochlear function

Audiometric Testing

  • Pure tone air and bone conduction testing
  • Word recognition and speech thresholds testing
  • Tinnitus assessment (including matching and ability to inhibit or excite patient’s tinnitus)
  • VRA (Visually Reinforced Audiometry) for patients who may not be able to respond to adult protocols
  • Play audiometry

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