Outpatient Rehabilitation

Tailored to meet your health needs

Every person’s recovery is different, and the experienced rehabilitation specialists at Emanuel Rehabilitation Center help you work through a personalized plan that is focused on your return to good health. With your physician’s referral, our rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to provide for your needs. We pride ourselves in providing excellent care including:

  • One-on-one treatment and individualized care plans to help achieve your best outcome
  • Experienced therapists to work with adults and children
  • Help with recovery from work-related injuries, surgeries or illnesses.
  • Office and industrial work site consultation for injury prevention
  • Pediatric rehabilitation for injury and illness
  • Multi-disciplinary neurological treatment

Our rehabilitation staff has advanced training in lymphedema, neurodevelopmental treatment techniques, ergonomics, pediatrics, hand therapy, cancer survivorship, orthopedic rehabilitation, manual therapy, strength and conditioning, vestibular rehabilitation and balance training.

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